Changes to the BAFE logo and what they mean

Following this month’s announcement that BAFE Fire Safety Register is changing the way companies need to display their logo, Fisk Group has received theirs with a unique ID number.

Why has BAFE introduced the change? 

The change in logo display, with a unique ID number, has been introduced to help specifiers make a responsible decision when choosing a provider for their fire safety requirements.

The change builds on BAFE’s ‘Don’t Just Specify, Verify’ campaign that highlights the crucial step often overlooked when specifying and awarding contracts to fire safety organisations, and that’s verification.

By allowing registered organisations to display the one BAFE logo with a unique ID number, specifiers are quickly able to check which BAFE competency schemes the contractor holds current/valid third-party certification towards.

At the same time, this also removes the requirement for the registered organisation to display all relevant BAFE scheme logos.

How can you verify a BAFE registered organisation?

BAFE registered organisations such as Fisk Group, where appropriate, will display their BAFE registered logo, which features a blue bar. Within the blue bar, there is a 6-digit organisation ID number. Specifiers can use this number to check that the organisation holds the relevant quality evidence of competency in specific areas of fire safety and that they are being regularly assessed to monitor the high standard they adhere to.

Thankfully, BAFE has made it easy to run a quick check on its verification page. You can search for the registered organisation using the 6-digit number or enter the company name.

Why is verification so important?

Verification is extremely important as BAFE registration or any third-party certification does not evidence competency for all fire safety services.

For example, Fisk Group holds valid third-party certification for multiple services across a range of accredited bodies. In the case of BAFE, if you enter our unique ID number (300308) into the BAFE website, you’ll see that we are third-party certified by NSI on the following schemes:

  • BAFE SP101 Service/Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • BAFE SP203-1 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover, Maintenance)
  • BAFE SP203-4 Emergency Lighting Systems (Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover, Maintenance)

What are the benefits to the fire safety industry?

A BAFE Scheme is a set of comprehensive competency requirements that have been developed to embed high-quality standards and best working practices for services within the fire safety industry.

We’ve all got a role to play in educating the industry about the importance of verification. As an organisation, we always make it clear to our customers what BAFE Schemes we are registered to and have achieved third-party certification for, and encourage verification.