Keeping a watchful eye with CCTV

Video surveillance (CCTV) is crucial to our clients’ security strategies. We know that, with the right video surveillance system, our clients can:

  • Reduce incidents of theft or vandalism
  • Create a safer environment for staff and visitors
  • Gain visibility on how people use a space or service
  • Be alerted to suspicious activity in real-time
  • Record, store and retrieve footage

Choosing the right surveillance system is an important decision to make and there are lots of options to consider. Thankfully, we provide a wide range of products that allow you to monitor, record and store video security footage.

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Monitoring through CCTV provides a level of security that can help in the event of an incident. Our monitoring systems allow you to record, store and playback security footage, to review it whenever you want. Our CCTV solutions come in a wide range of specifications – including IP cameras.

FISK Services

Remote Storage

Offloading video footage to a secure computer allows you to ensure that in an event where the internal storage could be damaged or stolen, you will be able to replay and monitor security footage to provide to the authorities or to monitor whilst you’re not on-site.

Our Process

Whether you’ve instructed us to work on a security or fire safety solutions project, we follow the same process every time. This is to ensure that we meet high safety and service standards and that you know what to expect at each stage of the process.


When we first make contact, we will meet with you and your team to understand the complexities of the project at hand. From there, we fully assess your building to design solutions and systems that meet your exact safety and security needs.


After we’ve finalised a CCTV design that you’re 100% satisfied with, we discuss suitable timeframes and agree on an installation plan. For complete peace of mind, as with all our installations, our work is fully regulated and meets the highest industry standards.

Service & Maintenance

Our service rarely ends with installation. As part of our proactive maintenance service, our aim is to help make sure that our CCTV systems remain in prime condition. This means that we proactively detect, diagnose and resolve any technical problems without delay.

Looking to speak to an expert?

We couldn’t possibly cover every solution we offer on our website as so many of our fire and security solutions are bespoke. That’s why we welcome a conversation in the first instance, to see how we can help. So please do reach out to us.

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