Keeping establishments safe from fire is of the utmost importance to us. Which is why, at Fisk, we offer a wide array of Fire Safety systems and solutions to ensure that you and your staff are safe in your working environment. On this page, you’ll learn about the solutions we offer, our process as well as fire safety training we can provide too.

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Fire Alarms

The latest fire alarms can be integrated into your property to ensure maximum safety during the event of a fire. With testing capabilities, our fire alarm systems are designed, installed and maintained by the Fisk Group.

FISK Services

Portable Extinguishers

We can supply and recommend a range of portable extinguishers for you to suit your requirements. Dependent on the nature of your work, our Design team will ensure you have the correct equipment to comply with the current Regulations.

FISK Services

Risk Assessments

As standard, we carry out risk assessments on your property, to determine your requirements regarding fire safety solutions. We fully assess any hazards, risks and the nature of your work to advise on the best course of action.

FISK Services

Dry Risers

Fisk can also provide you with dry riser systems for buildings over 18 meters high. Dry riser systems are essential for tall buildings, so fire fighters can effectively tackle fires on upper floors, unimpeded. We can assess to see if a dry riser system is required for your establishment.

FISK Services

Sprinklers & Suppression

We can install a range of sprinklers and fire suppression systems to your establishment. Fisk assess and recommend the best solution for you, based on the nature of your work. Whether you require commercial or Domestic Sprinklers, our expert team can advise on the best solution.

FISK Services

Smoke Vents

Our expert team can recommend, design and install smoke ventilation systems of your establishment, should they be required. Fisk can advise you on the safest solutions to assist occupants means of escape and to provide access for the fire services.

Our Process

At Fisk, when providing you with Security Systems & Fire Safety solutions, we follow the same process every time to ensure we meet all customers requirements:


When we first make contact, Fisk can provide a full assessment of your establishment, and develop and design solutions and systems that we believe to suit the building layout.


After our design is complete and you, the client, are satisfied, we install our systems and solutions. Everything Fisk install is fully regulated, meeting the highest industry standards, meeting both UK and EU regulations.

Service & Maintenance

Fisk’s service doesn’t end after we’ve designed and installed. We offer full servicing and maintenance packages that work for you – ensuring all of our systems and solutions meet industry standards and are fully compliant giving the end user peace of mind.


Fisk offer a full range of fire safety training. To see everything we can offer you, regarding training, click to our Fire Safety Training page.

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FISK Services

Looking to speak to an expert?

We couldn’t possibly cover every solution we offer on our website as so many of our fire and security solutions are bespoke. That’s why we welcome a conversation in the first instance, to see how we can help. So please do reach out to us.

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