Fisk Group have the right to refuse any order over the proposed 120 days in age unless stated otherwise. Also the proposal can be withdrawn within this timescale.

Terms of payment are strictly 30 days from invoice unless stated otherwise and agreed by Fisk Group prior to agreeing to carry out works.

Customers valuation dates and terms are to be agreed before Fisk Group accept purchase orders.

Valuations shall be made by Fisk Group contracts managers and proposed to the customer before the agreed valuation date this will be agreed by both partied before works commence.


Where there is no specific instructions given to Fisk Group regarding the delivery of equipment Fisk Group will deliver to the address given to us on the purchase order.

The cost of delivery is dependent on size and quantity.

Any equipment missing or damaged shall be reported to Fisk Group within 24 hours of delivery received.

The customer is to check goods upon delivery and damages recorded on the delivery note and inform Fisk Group.

Delivery of equipment is generally stocked and will be dispatched with 24 hours from order it is advised that some items will take up to 10 working days in the case our suppliers have a shortage in supplies. equipment will be checked for availability before order is processed & customers informed.

New clients should allow for 1 week for accounts to be checked and verified.

Where equipment is supplied only or supplied and commissioned the responsibility of its safe keeping is that of the purchaser any loss or damaged equipment is charged at standard rates.

Fisk Group shall not be liable for any expenses, damages or losses caused by delivery in which the customer is entitled to rescind to the contract.

The customer is to inform Fisk Group of any non-arrival of goods within 24 hours of the agreed delivery date. Once goods have been received Fisk group will invoice the customer if safe storage is not provide then Fisk Group to store at their offices and the client may be liable for an additional charge,

Return of equipment that requires postage and packaging will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

Faulty equipment will be returned to the manufacturer for investigation and credit notes will be raised once written confirmation has been given. If equipment has been advised to be incorrectly used or any activity out of their control no credit will be avalible.

All returned equipment will be subjected to a 15% restock handling fee and equipment that is deemed special or programmed will not be returned.


Fisk Group understands the duty of care under the health & safety at work act 1974 and other relevant statutory provisions.

Fisk Group will provide and maintain a safe working environment of its employees and it is expected that the managers are informed of any risks associated as the duty of care is not compromised.

Fisk Group provided the highest level of 3rd party accreditations and hold the following Bafe SP203- 1 fire detection and alarm systems, SP203 – 4 emergency lighting systems & SP101 portable fire extinguishers. We are an NSI gold accredited & NICEIC approved contractor. All Fisk Group site operative’s hold current ECS/ CSCS cards and are regular trained to current health and safety standards.


Access equipment above 3m is presumed to be supplied by others and Fisk Group free to use unless stated within our quotation.

Works activity under 3m, Fisk Group operatives will use step ladders or podium steps.

Scaffold towers will be erected and dismantled by competent trained valid PASMA card holders.

Access equipment will only be operated by trained competent valid IPAF card holders.

All valid card holders carry their access equipment cards and records can also be requested at our Fisk group offices.


It is important for both customers and Fisk Group that asbestos is not disturbed during any work activity whilst working on site.

It is advised that there is a currently up to date asbestos register and it is advised before any works are started by Fisk Group are to the asbestos register, unless the customer confirms in writing that the building is asbestos free .Fisk Group are understanding that the asbestos register is clear, accurate and detailed.

The customer has a duty of care and legal responsibility to provide Fisk Group with this information. All Fisk Group site operatives have current asbestos awareness training and hold tool box talks regarding asbestos.

If asbestos is discovered whilst carrying out our works we will stop work and report it immediately to the site management.


All installation will be in line with the specification and will be installed to the relevant British standards and/ or European standard codes of practice.

All works are quoted and presumed will be installed within surface containment unless stated otherwise within the specification/ quotation and agreed prior to works commencing.

All containment is to be installed by others or agreed with Fisk Group additional costs apply for the installation of containment.

Fisk Group accepts no responsibility in coordinating the installation of any 3rd party equipment connecting to our installation and a request for information as to the connections will be made.

No allowance has been made for the wiring between 3rd party equipment unless stated.

Any requests for additions or alterations must be written including variations and costs agreed.

All works costed will include commissioning once installation is completed.

All works are presumed to be carry out within normal working hours Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm unless stated otherwise outside of these hours additional costs will apply with costs agreed before Fisk Group undertake works.

Fisk Group will carry works out in the proposed agreed programme of works.


Where Fisk Group are only commissioning we require cable test results these results recorded on cable test sheets, as wired drawings of cable routes and emailed prior to our arrival on site.

Where mains 230v supplies are provided by others we require the test results for the supplies for any of the supplies connected to our equipment.

Where Fisk Group are not designing or installing the system Fisk Group require the design and installation certificates.

On the first day our commissioning engineers attend site we require the installer to demonstrate the insulation resistance tests.

Where others are 2nd fixing the supplied equipment for Fisk Group to commission all field devices and must all be completed before Fisk Group attend site.

Fisk group require at least 10 working days’ notice to attend site to commission.

Commissioning are presumed to be to be programmed as a one out all out unless cause and effects programming has been costed and agreed.

Full commissioning requires full access throughout the project area we will require to test and record decibel levels.

All automatic detector come supplied with dust caps to stop contamination of the device whilst builders works are taking place these are to be left on until commissioning stage any device without caps and become contaminated will be required to be changed and additional costs will apply for the replacements.

Any equipment that has been installed which is subject to paint, plaster or dust damage will be the responsibility of the main contractor to clean, if the equipment is required to be changed additional costs will apply.

Once dust caps have been removed by Fisk Group it will be the responsibility of the end user if required to protect the device once works are completed remove the cap.

A soak period of one week will apply to systems, sounders and relays maybe disabled within this period and the system may not be fully operational.

Once commissioning is completed the responsible end users will be required for client training of the systems, if additional days are required this will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate.


Fisk Group have a minimum contract period of 12 months, unless stated otherwise within our service agreements.

Service agreements between Fisk Group and clients require the client to accept our standard terms and conditions.

A period of 3 months’ notice is required in the termination of the service contract agreement.

Chargeable time on site will be of an hourly rate and these rates will be within our service agreements.

Our service agreements will be a rolling agreement until such time that either party terminates the contract.

Systems should be fully maintained and clients have the responsibility to report any defects on the systems to Fisk Group.

Should Fisk Group takeover a system from another provider a site survey will need to be carried out.

It is recommended that Fisk Group carry out a 100% test of the system at the initial takeover of the systems to determine the operation of the system.

Within 14 days of the takeover any findings deemed unsatisfactory will be provide to the client in writing.

Fisk Group require 24 hours for a cancellation of service, failing to do so may result in a charge for the lost labour time.


The cancellation of a service contract requires a 3 months’ notice period.

Any cancellation of equipment that has been placed and dispatched will incur a cancellation fee of 15%.

Any equipment ordered and seen as a special build will be fully charged to the client unless cancelled with a sufficient notice period to manufacturer.

Cancellations are only accepted in writing.

The cancellation of PPM will require at least 24 hours’ notice failure to do so will may result in an aborted visit charge this will be charges at our hourly rate.


Fisk Group offer a warranty period of 12 months from handover date.

Any equipment that fails within its warranty period will be replaced for free of charge unless, labour will be charged at our hourly rate unless stated otherwise.

Warranty periods can be requested before any works have taken place as warranty periods differ between manufacturers.


Fisk Group hold the following insurances if you require a copy these can be provided on request.

Employer’s Liability Insurance £10m

Public/ Products Liability Insurance £5m

Excess Public/Product Liability Insurance £5m

Professional Indemnity Insurance £5m


The contractor means Fisk Group.

The sub-contractor means a company or person that Fisk Group employs to carry out works on their behalf.

The subcontractor is to hold the relevant insurance to execute the works.

The subcontractor is to hold a valid CSCS/ ECS card, any relevant health & safety documentation, this is to be provided to Fisk Group before works commence.

On Labour only subcontractor basis, the subcontractor is to provide labour, their own tools, free to use site facilities and access equipment provided by Fisk Group.

Where Fisk Group are supplying materials and equipment to the subcontractor it is the responsibility of the subcontractor to store & safe guard throughout the works.

Works carried out by the sub-contractor will be measured and signed off by a Fisk Group manager before payment is approved.

Valuations will need to be submitted on the agreed date and works completed shall be agreed by Fisk Group.

Payment terms will be on a 30 day terms from valuation/ invoice.

Any variation works in addition to the agreed, works will required to be costed and agreed before being carried out.

Sub- contractors are to inform Fisk Group if they are vat registered.

The subcontractor is to provide all relevant paperwork associated with their works no more than 2 working days prior to payment being approved.

Our clients